How to Make LEGO Bendy!




Introduction: How to Make LEGO Bendy!

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We love playing with sugru and LEGO. Check out our video of LEGO experiments:

Recently we made a MEGA breakthrough.

Imagine. LEGO that can bend! We have used it to make amazing LEGO bracelets. What would you do with it?

That's right. And now we're going to show you how.

All you will need for this project is about 8 - 10 2x2 LEGO bricks (the more colours the better) and 2 minipacks of sugru.

sugru is great for this because it forms a strong bond but remains flexible when kept thin.

You can buy sugru here.

Step 1: Connect Your Bricks

Take a pea sized piece of sugru and press it into the side of one of your bricks. Ensure there is a strong bond and shape the sugru into a small pyramid.

TOP TIP: Be careful not to flow over the top and bottom of the brick with the sugru as this would compromise the brick's LEGO connectivity.

Press the pointy end of the pyramid into the side of another block. Again be weary not to overflow. 

After you have pressed the sugru into both blocks, gently thin the sugru and separate the blocks apart again (keeping them connected with sugru!) so that they we be nice and flexy!

Be sure there are no creases or cracks in the sugru as this could form a tear when cured and flexy. You can use soapy water to smooth the sugru. Make sure the LEGO is pressed fully into both brick to ensure a strong bond.

Step 2: Repeat to Form the Bracelet

Continue adding blocks in this way until you have enough to wrap around your wrist.

TOP TIP: Use a piece of string to measure the circumference of you wrist and give you an idea of how long your bracelet should be.

Build your blocks in sections of four - this makes them easier to handle.

Then add your sections of four together in the same way!

Once you have made your bracelet to the desired length, leave it to cure for 24 hours.

Step 3: Let's Get Flexy!

Once cured its ready to get flexy!

You can make an awesome LEGO bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist and using a flat 2x4 piece to connect the end two bricks of your bracelet.

Why not make some LEGO compatible trinkets that you can add to your bracelet? We legofied a Moshi Monster so that we could stick it on. 

Why not do the same with a watch face and make your own LEGO watch!?

Step 4: If Disaster Strikes!

If disaster should strike and a tear appear in your bracelet then do not fear! sugru can come to the rescue.

Take a small piece of sugru the size of the tear.

Press the piece over the tear and smooth it into the sugru so that the tear is fully covered.

Leave to cure for 24 hours and your beloved bendy LEGO should be back on full flexy form!


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