How to Make Lemon-lime Soda the Easy and Fast Way.




How to make a delicious lemon-lime soda out of things around the home,or easily and cheaply buyable at your local store.

Step 1: Ingredients

First off, theĀ ingredients you need are.....
-lemon juice
-carbonated water
-lime margarita mix
-and a glass to mix it all in.

Step 2: Mix...

Next, mix the lime and the lemon until you come up with a nice mixture that fills up about 1/3 the glass, depending on which you like better you may vary the mixture.

I use mostly lime,and a lil lemon because i much prefer lime over lemon.

Step 3: Next.....

Mix the sugar into the mix,then add a little bit of carbonated water until its not too strong,or not too deluted.

Step 4: Finally....




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