How to Make Luigi Out of Clay

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make luigi out of clay.

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Step 1: Making Luigi's Hat

First you take some green clay and roll it into a ball. Then flatten it out. Take some more green clay and roll it into a ball. Flatten it out and put it under the 1st one you did. Now take some white clay and roll it into a ball. Flatten it out and put it on to your hat. Now take some more green clay, roll it into a ball, flatten it out, then make it into the shape of a "L". Now put it over the white circle.

Step 2: Make Luigi's Head

Take some skin colored clay. Roll it into head shape. Place the hat on the head. Now take some white clay, roll it into a oval, and flatten it. Do the same thing with the blue and black except make the blue smaller than the white and make the black smaller than the blue. Now stick your blue on your white and stick your black on the blue. Make one more of these and then stick it on Luigi's head. Take some brown clay. Make it into two rectangles for eyebrows. Stick it over the eyes. Now take some skin colored clay. Make it into a nose shape. Now stick it under the eyes. Take some black clay for the mustache. I used a cookie cutter to make this. Now stick it under the nose. Now take some brown clay for the hair. I used a cookie cutter again for the side hair. Take some more brown clay and stick it on the back of his head. Take some more skin colored clay and roll it into a can for the neck. Stick it below his head.

Step 3: Make Luigi's Body.

Take some green clay. Make two small long cans and make one can. Now stick one small long can on the can and stick the other small long can on the other side. Now take some blue clay. Roll it into a ball and flatten it. Make it into a overalls shape. Now put it over the can. Now take some yellow clay for the buttons. Roll two tiny balls. Flatten it. Now put it where the straps of the overalls are. Now take some white clay for the gloves. Roll it in to a oval/square. Now put four lines into it. Take some more white clay and put it on the right of the glove for the thumb. Make one more and attach each one to a small can (arms). Attach this part to the neck. Now take some blue and make it into 2 small long cans (legs). Attach it below the body. Now take some brown and it into a oval and flat at the bottom. Make one more and put each one under a leg.

Step 4: Finished!

Now your finished! Share your Luigi in the comments! Vote for me in the Game2.Life Contest!

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