How to Make Mac & Cheese

Introduction: How to Make Mac & Cheese

A quick tutorial on homemade mac & cheese! Have fun and try it out!

Step 1: Bring Water to a Boil

Step 2: Add a Bit of Salt and Oil to the Water When It Is Boiled

Step 3: Put in Macaroni for About 10-15 Mins and Keep Stirring So They Do Not Stick

Step 4: Prepare Ingredients (Marble Cheese Slices, Ham, Broccoli)

Can substitute with other meat choices ie. bacon, ground beef

Step 5: Layer Everything According to the Video Into Oven Safe Containers

Step 6: Preheat Oven to 350 Deg. Fahrenheit

Step 7: Place Container Wrapped in Tinfoil Into the Oven for 20 Mins

Let the container sit for another 15 mins with the oven off. Can place bread crumbs on the top layer without using tinfoil for a nice crispy topping instead

Step 8: Enjoy Your Hardwork!

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