How to Make Miss La Sen Indian Cap Style



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Miss La Sen is seen as a protective symbol in Sorim Story boardgame, Miss La Sen spring rolls. You can make Miss La Sen cap according to Indian style simply. Sometime, they call it Gadhi cap, Nehru cap or Gandhi topi.

Step 1: Download This Pattern and Print It Out in A2 Size Paper.

Step 2: Cut It Out.

Step 3: Fold It According to the White Line Between 2 Orange Hourglasses.

Step 4: Fold 2 Lines Between 2 Orange Hourglasses.

Step 5: Fold Like This Picture.

Step 6: Fold the Orange Triangle Like the Picture.

Step 7: Fold the 3 Rests Which Are Similar to the First One.

Step 8: Fold the 2 Edges Like This.

Step 9: On the Side B.

Step 10: Fold the Dash Like This.

Step 11: Continue to Fold According to the Second Dash on Side B

Step 12: on the Side B, Fold Like That

Step 13: Fold the Second Dash Compared to the Edge of the Side A.

Step 14: Fold the First Dash Compared to the Edge of the Side A.

Step 15: Expand the Cap

Step 16: Done. You Have the Miss La Sen Cap According to Indian Cap Style.



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