How to Make Miss La Sen Foam Pen Holder




Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Foam Pen Holder

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Miss La Sen has many fans. They like to wear, use Miss La Sen items.

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Step 1: Download Miss La Sen ‘s Head Pattern and Print Out in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Take a Recycle Plastic Bottle.

Step 3: Cut Out This Plastic Bottle.

Step 4: Use the Glue Gun to Cover This Bottle With the Blue Foam.

Step 5: Trace Miss La Sen’s Head Template on the Pieces of Foam and Cut Them Out .

Glue Miss La Sen ‘s head onto the pen holder. You can glue it onto outside or inside of this holder.

Step 6: Trace and Cut Out 2 Arms of Miss La Sen.

Glue them onto the pen holder.

Step 7: Make 1 Brown Bow Around the Pen Holder.

Step 8: Now You Have a Funny Miss La Sen Foam Pen Holder for Your Kid.

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