How to Make Miss La Sen Plastic Tree Vase.



Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Plastic Tree Vase.

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A tree vase which has Miss La Sen image will bring you and your kid an interesting impression.

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Step 1: Download Miss La Sen Head Pattern and Print Out in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Use a Recycle Coca Cola Plastic Bottle.

Step 3: Cut Out This Bottle Into 2 Parts.

Step 4: Paint the White Acrylic Color on the Inside of This Holder.

Draw Miss La Sen head on the outside of the holder.

Step 5: Draw the Hearts, Circles... for Decoration.

Paint blue color on the bow. Paint pink color on the flower, headband, cheeks, tongue....

Step 6: Glue the Ribbon Onto the Edge of the Holder and Make a Ribbon Into the Bow Below.

Paint the hearts, circles...

Step 7: Pour Water Into This Vase.

Put some ornamental trees, the indoor house plants like as the lucky bamboo, Golden Pothos, ...ZZ plant, Peace lily, Dieffenbachia...into the vase.

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