How to Make Nuka-Cola Quantum

Introduction: How to Make Nuka-Cola Quantum

The reason why this product is called “Nuka-Cola” is because the idea originated from a video game series known as "Fallout". The light produced from the drink makes the person who is playing the game believe that it is radioactive. In the video game Nuka-Cola is based off of the popular soda "Coca-Cola". The unique glow and overall look of the drink in the game and can be easily mimicked through this tutorial.

Step 1: Materials

-Glass Coke Bottle
-1 UV LED light
-1 47ohm resistor
-3 1.5v button cells
-Blue food coloring
-All purpose glue

Step 2: Step 1; Removing and Sanding the Cap

Take your glass coke bottle and gently take off the bottle cap (we will need the cap to go back on)
Sand down the whole top of the bottle cap and less on the sides to make it look more rustic. This can be done before or after removing the cap.

Step 3: Step 2; Creating the Light

Tape together the 3 button cell batteries positive to negative.
Take the resistor and tape it forming a square to the bottom of the 3 batteries leaving the rest of the resistor to form a straight line along the sides of the batteries.
With the side of the resistor that is straight, tape one leg of the LED light to it and the other leg of the LED light to the flat side (top) of the batteries.
The LED light should glow.
Glue or tape this combination of the LED light, button cell batteries, and the resistor to the underside of the bottle cap.

Step 4: Step 3; Labeling and Filling the Bottle

(Optional) Go to this website:, print and glue or tape on the label.
Fill the bottle with water leaving approximately an inch of air from the top.
Put 3-5 drops of blue food coloring making the water turn a light or medium shade of blue.

Step 5: Step 4; Placing the Cap and Finishing

Place the cap back on the top of the bottle.
If the LED light, batteries, or resistors get wet due to the water, they will not short.

Now you can use the finished product to decorate any room how you choose.
Whenever the LED light goes out, replace the 3 button cell batteries and your Nuka-Cola will continue to glow.

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