How to Make Plain Paan (Saada Paan)




Introduction: How to Make Plain Paan (Saada Paan)

Plain Paan or Saada Paan (Hindi) is a completely natural mouth-freshner. Paan is eaten by most indians and is supposed to be eaten after meals. There are many derivations of it, but shown here is the original version. The Paan may or may not contain tobacco and may or may not be sweet. This paan shown in the instructables costs about Rs. 6 ~ $ 0.12. 

Required Material List (ingredients):

1. (4”-5” in length) Betel Leaf (Paan Patta)
2. A paste of Lime Stone Powder and water (Chuna)
3. A paste of Catechu and water (Kattha)
4. Sweet Powder – Sugar, Powder rose leaves, Perfumes, Menthol and red food colour
5. A mix of vegetable and fruit powder (Heera Panna)
6. Diced Betel Nut (Supari)
7. Dates (Khajoor)
8. Grated Saffron Betel Nut (Kesari Supari )
9. Green Leaves (Hara Patta)

Step 1: The Leaf With Chuna

Apply the Chuna onto the leaf with the help of a stick or the back of a spoon on a washed damp betel leaf.

Step 2: Apply the Kattha

Apply the Kattha in a similar fashion onto the leaf.

Step 3: Sweet Powder

Sprinkle some sweet powder onto the leaf (to taste).

Step 4: Apply the Heera Panna

Apply some heera panna(honey like substance) onto the side of the leaf.

Step 5: Mix It !

Using your middle finger, mix the materials on the leaf into one by moving your fingers in a circular manner on the leaf.

Step 6: Add Supari

Add about 5-6 supari pieces on the center of the leaf.

Step 7: Add Khajoor

Add finely chopped Khajoor to the center as well.

Step 8: Add Kesari Supari

Put a pinch of Kesari Supari on the center of the leaf.

Step 9: The Last Ingredient - Hara Patta

Add a pinch of Hara Patta as well.

Step 10: The Folding (Watch Carefully)

Position the leaf with the apex away from you and lift the bottom right corner to cover the center. Do the same with the bottom right corner. Fold the top over and twist and tuck till you get a somewhat isosceles triangle.

Step 11: Your Done !

Paan is best eaten in one Gigantic bite. So pop it in and start chewing. It also is

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    5 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Because this is an American website,many people do not know how to make the ingredients listed due to the lack of mesurements.Also,you do not state what "menthol" or "perfume" is,because here perfume is something you use to smell nice.
    I would love to try this,but the pure lack of detail makes it impossible.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Could you write a little more in your intro step about saada paan for those of us who've never heard of it before?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ah! Yes, thank you. I would not have guessed at its purpose.