How to Make Popcorn at TechShop

Introduction: How to Make Popcorn at TechShop

It seems easy, right?  Making popcorn?

You'd think that, until you're the one who accidentally burns an entire batch!

Here is the simple and SAFE way to make popcorn with the popcorn machines found at TechShop!

You will need:
A popcorn machine
vegetable oil

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Step 1:

First, measure 1/4 cup of oil.  
Most techshops have a maeasuring cup, but don't worry if they don't.  You can eyeball it.

Step 2:

Next, grab about 12 oz. of popcorn kernels.

At TechShop San Jose, you can find our popcorn kernels stored in a bright yellow (food safe) 5 gallon bucket right under the popcorn table along with the veggie oil.

Step 3:

Now that you have all your ingredients measured out, turn on all the heating mechanisms (the 3 buttons located just inside the popcorn machine doors above the kettle)

Step 4:

Pour the oil into the popcorn kettle and let it heat up for a couple seconds.

*NOTE:  Make sure the wand located in the bottom of the kettle is spinning.  If it isn't, grab a DC.  If the wand isn't spinning, then the popcorn will probably jam in the kettle and burn

burned popcorn = no bueno

Step 5:

Now, add your popcorn kernels and close the lid.

You will also want to slightly close the doors to keep things from flying out, but don't close them all the way.

If they're completely closed, it will hold in too much moisture which makes for soggy popcorn.

Step 6:

Now, WAIT!

If you are making popcorn at any TechShop, please do not leave the popcorn machine until you are finished.
The main culprit of burned popcorn is people walking away, getting distracted, and not making it back in time to dump the popcorn.

Don't be that guy who burns the popcorn.

No one wants to be that guy.

Step 7:

Once the popcorn has finished heating up and popping, dump out the kettle so nothing is left inside to burn.

Step 8:

Finally, turn of the kettle heater and motor, but leave on the warming light.

and ENJOY!!!

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    If you happen to attempt this Instructable, please refrain from the urge to add salt to the popcorn in the reservoir, if you want salty popcorn, just sprinkle salt on the popcorn in the bag in your hand.