Smokey Shitake Chicken Ramen.





Introduction: Smokey Shitake Chicken Ramen.

About: I like to cook, i wont say im a chef, but i am not scared to try new things. I have both succeeded and admitted defeat in the kitchen. I like to do things with my hands, so im very crafty, im hoping i can so...

This recipe is for Smokey Shitake Chicken Ramen, it can be a little spicy and is GREAT for cold winter mornings :)
If people like this recipe i use, then ill go ahead and make more instructables on other kinds.

I have a lot of friends ask me how i make my ramen, and for the longest time i always tried to explain it to them. Now I'm pretty terrible at explaining things so i figured its about time that i go ahead and make a tutorial on it.

Please feel free to ask my any questions as we go along! I dont bite :)

**Please note I've changed the name of this ramen instructable from "How to make real japanese ramen" to its current as i now plan to make more and it would end up making no sense, so i will instead list them under their proper names instead. Thank you to everyone who has asked me to do more! You are my drive :)**

Step 1: What You Will Need.

1) Sushi Ginger
2) Rice seasoning (Mine is Nori, Wasabi, Sesame seeds etc.)
3) Chopped Chives
4) Soy sauce
5) Sake (Rice wine)
6) 1 packet (100g - 150g) Ramen Noodles (not the dry kind (Can use the dry kind by nissin, chicken and tonkotsu are best))
7) Measuring cup
8) Ramen Dish
9) Green onions/Spring onions
10) Smoked chicken
11) Shitake Mushrooms
12) Baby corn, Radish, Ginger, Garlic, Egg
13) Seasme Oil (not pictured)
14) Chicken Stock cubes

I made this recipe showing packet ramen, but i dont use it. This is just an option for those who cannot make their own ramen noodles. I have an instructable on making your own noodles HERE

You can also use cheap premade noodles like nissin tonkotsu etc, just follow all the instructions as normal, except dont add the stock, add the packets that come with the noodles instead! :D

**PLEASE NOTE** If you are not fast at food prep i think you should prep your toppings before you do anything else, so your ramen isnt left sitting while you are slowly cutting everything up. (all except the egg). Just take a look at step 6. I always prep my toppings while everything is cooking, as i find it easier.

The second picture is my spice collection, i recommend you collect something like this if you plan to eat ramen a lot :)

Step 2: Prep Your Shitake!

I buy dehydrated Shitake, for two reasons. One, it lasts a really long time if stored correctly. Two, the water you use to rehydrate them, makes excellent stock.

Prepping shitake is very easy.  Just boil a kettle, put 4 shitake mushrooms in a measuring cup and fill it up with boiling water to 500ml. Let those mushrooms stand for about 30 mins. Watch some TV or prep your toppings.

Step 3: First Things First!

Boil your egg!

I stab a hole in mine, just a very very small one in one end. It makes it easier to peel when its done. So your not juggling a hot egg or peeling off tiny pieces and going crazy. Its normal for a small amount of egg to ooze out while its cooking.

I let my water get super hot first, once boiling thats when i put my egg in, now i like mine pretty soft so i only leave it for about 5 - 6 mins, if you want it harder leave it longer!

While your egg is cooking, or you are waiting for your water to boil, you should make a start on the ingredients you need for your soup. Also start on your toppings.

Step 4: Making the Soup Base.

Start cutting up about half a clove of garlic (you can use more, but i have bad gut flora which tends to get upset when i have too much garlic.) I probably wouldnt use more than a clove though.  I also cut off a small piece of ginger, i quite like ginger so i tend to use more than most, its really just a taste thing for the ginger, so add however much you like. Get one green onion and cut it in half, and put the other half aside. Leave the greener end aside for topping later on and dice up the lighter end.

Dice up 2 of the 4 shitake that you put in the water to hydrate, and hopefully you should end up with something looking like picture 2.

In a hot pot, put about a teaspoon, of sesame oil. Leave it to heat so you can see small amounts of steam/smoke coming off it. Then add in your garlic, ginger, onion, and shitake and let it start cooking. While that is cooking add in your chopped chives, and rice seasoning. Cook until lightly brown, and very aromatic. About 2 minutes.

Step 5: Adding the Stock

Add in your Shitake water (all 500ml of it) and 2 chicken stock cubes. The stock cubes i have require 1 cube to every 250ml. Just check the instructions on your own.

Bring it all to the boil. Add in your Sake, i put in a splash but id say a tablespoon of it. Also add in your soy, i add 1/2 the cap of the bottle full, and put that in. (see picture 2.)

Once that boils add in your noodles (any of the kinds i mentioned in the 1st step) I used my own that i hand made which is why they look a little different, as i keep them frozen.

Cook this for about 2 minutes and keep prepping your toppings.

Step 6: Toppings

This is the toppings you can organise while waiting on the soup to cook, or you can do them (except the egg) before you start.

Step 7: Time to Dress It!

This is my ramen finished. Looking kinda boring huh?

This is the part where i dress my ramen up. Hopefully you will have gotten your toppings ready as you went along waiting for this to cook. Use a fork to place your toppings so you dont burn yourself, gently pressing it in to the soup.

I put my baby corn in first, and press it right down into the soup, and then put more on top. Then i add my egg and chilli flakes, mostly on the egg but also on the ramen itself. As you can see i used the "baby corn flowers" to dress up my meat. 

Dressing your ramen is very important! and its very fun!
The smoked chicken puts a slight smokey flavour all the way through the ramen, the chilli adds a small amount of heat, as does the spice of the ginger. This ramen is great for colds and winter weather and can even be served with some rocket (Eruca sativa) as well to pepper it up a bit! :)

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them i dont bite!
If you make this, show me yours!!



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    35 Discussions

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments :) I was really nervous posting this! thought people might not like it. (i dont have many instructables). I will do more if its wanted :)

    1 reply

    The only bad thing about this instructable,is that you can't taste it while reading it..

    Excellent instructions. I make ramen pretty often, but I was wanting to add a bit more flavor to the broth. I usually just combine a bit of miso with beef broth, but I've been adding more spice. The baby corn and ginger are a nice touch.


    3 years ago

    the stock was very tasty, thanks for the recipy i enjoyed it a lot!!!


    I actually bring some soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, mirin, sake, and brown sugar to a gentle boil quickly. Shut off the heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. I then cool this mixture and put my really, really soft boiled eggs in it overnight (a minimum of an hour would work too). You get that wonderful flavor on the outside of the egg. The longer you marinade it the more it soaks up. I also like to put raw egg yolk in it too. The solution firms up the outside while making a beautiful glossy fatty element inside.

    If you put your egg in cold water with the hole poked in it and THEN being it to a boil you won't lose as much egg, if any at all.

    Looks very good, I shall try it. one thing that may help you in the future, you can pre cook your eggs, when you cook an egg the protein breaks down and sets so you can't recook them. so if you soft boil or poach an egg the cool it off quickly you can save them for at least a day in the fridge and just throw them in with the noodles to reheat them.. still perfectly soft boiled or poached when you serve, this is great for make ahead eggs benny or soup or.....

    I like to make my soup base out of the following--try it out its awesome:

    * Red Pepper Paste (

    * Soy Sauce

    * Soy Sauce Marinade

    * Miso Paste

    * Siracha (if I'm not using fresh spicy pepers)

    * Ginger

    * Splash of Peanut Oil (sometimes I don't do this though)

    I find this makes an incredibly complex flavored broth. The reconstituted mushrooms is a nice trick, though I usually use fresh ones. Shiitake are definitely the way to go. I may start stocking and give that a try next time though.

    I prefer to boil the egg with my soup poached egg style-I find this makes for a more streamlined process.

    Very nice and detailed Instructible, and looks delicious! Despite my being a complete cooking dummy, I did give this a try. Unfortunately mine didn't come out very well. I'm trying to convince a friend who is more able in the kitchen to try this, we'll see how that comes out.

    1 reply

    To begin with you could try frying the stuff in the pot then just adding and cooking instant noodles (maggi, nissin, tons of 2 minute noodles brands), the packet stuff, so pour in the water, add noodles on the boil and add the packets and decorate. Its how i started with mine until i got game enough to experiment with flavours

    Where can I get Dashi powder? I've been wanting to make okonomiyaki and i can't find dash powder at the local supermarket.

    2 replies

    Hi, yes you cant get it from the supermarkets here. There are some health food shops that will sell it, at a higher price. I found it was actually cheaper to just go to the global Rakuten site and order it from japan, it ended up cheaper, more bang for your buck!

    Also i didnt use any bought Dashi i just used the water from the shitake, as a lot of shitake Dashi is made from just soaking the mushrooms a while :)

    From The Modernist Cuisine At Home cookbook I learned a very clever way to peel a boiled egg.
    Scorch the shell with a torch, I use a creme brulee torch, but I'm willing to bet that a butane lighter will work as well.
    Having done this, the shell will pull away quite easily.

    1 reply

    ewok85 .... Love this recipe. my grandson and I are venturing into the world of Japanese cooking and love trying out various methods and recipes. Just like there are 50,000 ways to make a chocolate cake, we have found there are hundreds of ways to make various Japanese dishes. Wolfinlied, I would love to see more from you.

    1 reply

    Thank you so much, you made me smile :) I had taken photos for another kind of ramen last night, but never wrote it up because i was feeling a bit bummed out. Im trying to use ingredients that are easily available instead of ones you need to order from other countries or hunt in specialty stores and pay a lot of money. Thank you for your comment, comments like this give me drive!

    Missing Chicken stock cubes from ingredients list, I also add bamboo shoots to mine :)