How to Make Ragnarok the Crona's Sword (Soul Eater)




About: phylology student, cold porcelain modeler, and a little gamer, well, somethings more

well, this is my first instructable,

I'm not an anime lover but I like some animes and create their objects, this is one of them. Ragnarok (if you don't know the anime) is an evil sword who eats human souls to get more power.

Step 1: First of All


1 piece of wood  (50 cm or more lenght/ 15cm width)
2 cold porcelain or whatever for modeling
3 white adhesive tape
4 cardboard
5 a broom stick
6 sand paper
7 tools for cut wood (I used a hacksaw)
8 glue
10 the basic (scissors, pencil, ruler)

Step 2: The Blade

cut the piece of wood, you can draw the design and then cut it. when you have finished the blade, use the sand paper  to give it form and smooth the borders, we want a blade that  look  sharp.

after give the basic blade form, you will draw the line in the middle of the blade, using a rules or wathever like this

Step 3: The Handle

I used a broomstick to make the handle, is easy, you take an old broomstick and cut the stick in an accurate size (25 cm for example) you will make a  little cut in the middle of the stick to connect it with the blade

apply too much glue and then connect the handle with the blade, apply pressure for almost a day and I screw the handle-blade union to ensure it

Step 4: The Mouth

cold porcelain is a useful material for modeling, remember, before make the figure, put some glue in the surfaces (blade) and then put the cold porcelain to make the sword's mouth, this material will get solid in almost  one or two days, it doesn't need  to be baked this will get solid just waiting.

for the handle decoration I used cardborad, making a little box and then fill it with newspaper

Step 5: Paint

to separe the black  and white parts for paint use adhesive tape, and then use varnish to make it glow.

Step 6: Last Details

last details like tape for  the handle

other details like the mouth and spikes are made with cold porcelain. for colors mix cold porcelain with oil paintings and is ready to  work

paint the rest, apply some varnish when the paint is dry, wait a little, and Voila! you're ready to hunt  human souls with your Ragnarok sword!

I Hope you like this instructable 



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    11 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I'm gonna make this! Only thing is the wood I'm using is really thick so what kind of wood would you recommend for the handle since I don't think a broomstick is gonna cut it for me.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Never mind. I figured out how to do it.

    Xase P

    6 years ago on Introduction

    *after failing at making the sword*
    I can't do it! I don't know how to deal with all this instructions...

    2 replies