How to Make Shahi Chicken Chaap (Recipe)

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Shahi Chicken Chaap is a Rich Traditional Mughlai Preparation. It is best accompanied by Indian Naan, Paratha, Pulao and even biriyani. A must try recipe for chicken lovers.


1) Chicken: 500gm ( cut into large pieces)
2) Curd: 200gm.
3) Chopped onion: 1+1 cup(for fry onion(onion beresta) + gravy).
4) Onion paste: 4 tbsp.
5) garlic paste: 1 tbsp.
6) Ginger paste: 2 tbsp.
7) Fennel(mouri) paste:1 tbsp.
8) cumin powder: 1 tbsp.
9) nutmeg powder:1/2 teaspoon.
10) Kashmiri red chilli powder: 2 tbsp.njh
11) Poppyseed paste:1 teaspoon.
12) nutmeg powder:1/2 teaspoon.
13) Mace powder:1/2 teaspoon.
14) Tomato puree or sauce: 4 tbsp.
15) whole cardamom: 4 p
16) whole cloves: 4p
17) whole cinamon sticks: 5
18) Bay leaves: 2-3 pieces.
19) Mawa: 2 tbsp.
20) Alubukhara: 5-6p(optional)
21) Oil: 200 ml.
22) Ghee: 1 tbsp.
23) Salt and sugar to taste.

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