How to Make T-slot Joint. I Made It at TechShop

Introduction: How to Make T-slot Joint. I Made It at TechShop

      To practice on making T-slot Joint.
      To recreate Humane Mouse Trap Project using T-slot Joint.
      To use minimum number of sets of bolt and nut.

Procedure and Design Feature:
       I used Corel Draw to sketch and dimension all the six sides.
       I put the fingers at the end so it would have less corners.  The least number of corners, the lesser the chance for breakage.
       For the front and rear plate, I put one finger on top and 2 fingers on the bottom.
       The least number of sets of nut and bolt is 4 sets as shown.  
       I used scrap plywood from the scrap bin to build my prototype.   The dimension I used are meant for 1/4" Acrylic.
       The nut and bolt specs are as follows.
       I bought and 100 sets of these and get them for half the normal price at Ace Hardware. 
       I added legs so that the screw head of bottom side won't scratch the table surface.
       I did not complete the trap door yet since this instructable priority and current focus in making box using T-slot joint.   

I will add the Corel Draw files, once I corrected a couple of hole position which are slightly (~1mm) off.  Thank you for your visit.

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