How to Make Trash Can of Guts.



Introduction: How to Make Trash Can of Guts.

Yard Decor For Halloween.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Red Spray Paint
Black Spray Paint (optional)
Spray Foam
Yard Stake 
Yard Tie Down
Trash Can

Step 2: Cut Wood

Ideally there should be some kind of ridge on the inside of the can. Cut the wood to the size of the trash can to create a shelf so you don't need to fill the can with foam.

Step 3: Guts.

Spray the foam on top of the wood however you want in order to make intestine looking foam strings. Paint blood red.

Step 4:

Paint Words on lid and Side with black paint. You don't have to.

Step 5: Drill and Tie Down

Drill Holes in two sides. Run the Yard Tie Down through. Use the Stake to tie to the yard.

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