How to Make 'Weirdos Only' Sign and Attach It to a Bathroom Door

Introduction: How to Make 'Weirdos Only' Sign and Attach It to a Bathroom Door

All you're going to need to create this interactive art project is

1. Paper
2. Tape 
3. Printer

You can also take paper from home and write 'Weirdos Only' with a pen, marker and crayon. Whatever you fancy most. 

Step 1 -  Print out our premade designs. Be sure to use the Male Bathroom sign for the Male and Female Bathroom sign for Females.  If you put a Male bathroom sign over a womens door chances this will cause more drama then comedy.

Step 2- Go to a bathroom in a setting that has signs over the door that says Male and Female. 

Before proceeding to Step 3. Check your surroundings. Make sure the coast is clear and no one who works for the building is present. 

Step 3 - Tape your sign up. Use scotch tape which is light weight, cheap and easy to remove. 

You can tape the top middle part of the paper, two opposite corners (except the bottom)

Step 4 - If you get a chance take a quick photo and tag us #Connectype @stereotypeco

Step 5 - (optional but recommended). Stay in the vicinity of the door and see peoples reaction to it.  Our favorite part about making art is getting to see how it affects people and hearing stories about how it affected someones day. 

Hopefully you'll get a good laugh, confuse some people and get to tell some stories to your friends, family and co-workers. 

Inspiration Behind This Sign: About 2 weeks ago I was watching the movie 42 which told the story about Jackie Robinson. While watching this movie I was deeply saddened by the amount of racism that was present in those times. In 1 scene Jackie took his wife to an airport and when she had to go to the bathroom she saw a sign that said 'Whites Only'. She went in the bathroom anyway which then resulted in their seats being given away to 2 other people by the time she got out. I'm happy to have been raised with 0 hate in my blood for any race. I'm also happy to be able to look at people for their character instead of their skin color. I wanted to make these signs to poke fun. I also want make something that causes people to do a double take without causing damage to anyones property since this will be done mostly inside buildings with commercial signed. I realize pain inspires me. Weird how watching a movie about racism inspired me to making a Weird Segregation sign. I recently saw Taylor Mali speak during Creative Week in NYC and he said "Even if you don't like someone love them".

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