How to Make Wooden Screw Driver Handles

Intro: How to Make Wooden Screw Driver Handles

Take a $2 screwdriver and turn it into a Christmas gift! I make new wood handles fro these multi screwdrivers.



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    Awesome build, it'd be neat if you had some more pictures and a parts lists, it would bring this instructable over the top!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    I wonder how well your insert will hold onto the wood under high stress situations. Since it sounds like these are the first ones that you've made you probably don't have a lot of info on that. I'd love to hear back after some time has passed to see how these hold up. Great Idea!

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    That a good question. I know if you were really cranking on a tight screw or something you might have some concern, but then you would with the original screwdriver as well. There is only so much strength in this design. The glue I used to hold the insert is fairly strong for this I think. Most of the time you are not using screwdriver to really crank on a screw so I guess time will tell. Thanks for the comment.