How to Make a $1 Roach Trap and End Your Bug Problems for Good!




Introduction: How to Make a $1 Roach Trap and End Your Bug Problems for Good!

How to get rid of roaches ( cockroaches) using non toxic low cost methods. These pest control methods work great for palmetto bugs,german cockroaches and other household pests and bugs and have been tried personally by me. They work!



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    That looks to be a great trap for cockroaches and will surely save some cockroach extermination cost for people. Thanks for sharing the same. Can this method do cockroach pest control against all species of cockroaches?

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    I use this for outside roaches. I use a plastic gallon jar (the kind that holds cookies) and use wet cat food for bait. I smear crisco around the inside rim so they can't climb out. A stone in the jar helps it from toppling over. It really works!! And our chickens love the fresh meat!

    My grandfather used this on his farm a long time ago. Tried and true.

    I tried this with similarly-shaped spaghetti sauce jars and they were able to crawl right out!

    a trick I wish we knew back in the 80's when I lived in a house infested with them.

    For German cockroaches, smear a little petroleum jelly around that top inside curve of the jar. The roaches can't climb back out because the petroleum jelly is too slippery. I use dry cat food for bait. Works!

    how much paste did you put in the jar? is the DE safe for pets? (cats-dogs)

    you can get the DE at pool stores the only real difference is it isn't "food grade" . I'll have to try the jar trcik for the Palmetto bugs or as my daughter calls them "GIANT #*#!% FLYING COCKROACHES"