How to Make a 3D Mario Coin Box!




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After Searching for so long for a pattern that I couldn't find, I decided to try and make my own. After 4 hard and frustrating attempts, I managed, I think it turned out pretty well. So here I am... Ready to share this tutorial with you! Hope you Enjoy it!

For this you Will NEED:

Perler beads
-Light brown
-Random colour for bottom (Colour you dont use that much and wont miss if used up) 

The bottom is optional, you can do it black but I chose to do it Blue because it was a colour i didn't use often, and i wouldn't miss it if it were gone.  I didn't use brown or black because I use those too much and you cant see the bottom so it would be a waste. 

You will also need:
-Ironing Paper
-one LARGE Square pegboard
*Optional* Tweezers 

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Step 1: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 1

Here is the pattern.  

Step 2: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 2

This is the other three Sides!

Step 3: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 3


When Ironing the sides make sure you go in a circle motion, Only iron for 30 seconds!

if you over iron the beads will not lock together! you DONT want the holes to close completely, 
once thats done flip it over and iron again for 10 seconds just to give it strength! 

Place all the pieces under a Flat heavy surface so they do not bend! this part is very important! 

Step 4: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 4

Piece the pieces together, it's like a puzzle but they should go together with ease. 

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4 years ago on Introduction

super awesome this uses alot pf black so i ended up running out i used gray for the explamation mark and the brick cememt and clear for the rest of the attachments it works great as a coin bank too!!

This looks great! I have been looking for a way to DIY a mario themed wedding card box.

I do have a couple of questions though... approximately how big is this? It's a little hard to tell from the photos. Also, it looks like the pattern is just photos - do you have more detailed instructions for the pattern (like, X brown beads, X black beads, etc) or do I just have to guess based on the pics?

1 reply

Hi heather! Sorry for the late reply. This box is small and will not fit a card. You could double the size however. The patteren is the pictures above, you would just go back that. I didn't count how many heads were needed as I just buy individual colour packs with 1,000 beads!


4 years ago on Introduction

can you make it bigger and still use the same clip on options ? im making one with Mario but Mario is 16x16 squares/ I made one already in your 15x15 squares but I want to do one with Mario... he happens to be bigger... can I do one 18x18 or 17x17 .. would the side clasps be the same as this one.. have the 18x18 square done but the claps don't fit all the way ... wondering how to fix this

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago

Hey! Sorry for the late reply! I think you could make it bigger, just double the pattern! It should work out as long as it's an even square!


4 years ago on Introduction

Can you use it like a coin bank and take the bottom off or is there a way to do that?


5 years ago on Introduction

This is a great idea!! My little brother loves Mario, and I feel if I make it for him he will love me forever!!!


5 years ago on Introduction

This is fantastic! Best tutorial for a perler bead box on the interwebs! :) Thank you!


5 years ago on Introduction

Hey there, few questions for you. First off, great instructable! Now, I was thinking of using your design to make some lamps for around my home. About how big are these? Also, I see the text "Here is the pattern" between some pics but no link. Was there a pattern or do I just need to figure it out from the pics?

Again, I was thinking of using these for lamps somehow (perhaps modifying one of those standing lamps). Hopefully I can make it work. Thanks again for this great project!


5 years ago

That looks like it took a long time to make


6 years ago

This is way too cool! Definitely going to make some for Christmas for my friends!


7 years ago on Introduction

I have a strange, unrelated question for you. How did you seperate your first picture into four little pictures? Is it a particular photo software program? I'd like to do "before and after" pictures.

2 replies