How to Make a 4x4 Puzzle Cube

Disclaimer: I do not own these pics, these are from my project my group and I are doing......for robotics.

Step 1: Create Your Puzzle's Parts

Each one of your parts have 8 blocks on them, but if you wanted to make a 3x3 just use 6 blocks instead. also you have to make eight parts for you to make a full cube, at least I think let me know if there are any more ways to make a cube out of blocks.....

Step 2: Fit Your Parts Together

after you've made your 8 pieces then you see if you can make the final product!!!!! Remember this, This is a project that your brain created so only you can solve it......Go trick your buddies to!!!(whose the smart one now?! ^_^) are!!!!! Enjoy this guys!!!!

Step 3: Your Final Product

Also remember this: These pictures are an example you puzzle might not even look like the example, but even if it does you still no how to make another puzzle cube......

Thanks for taking a look at this I look forward to making more instructables for everyone!!!!



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