How to Make a 5 in 1 Weapon Target!


Introduction: How to Make a 5 in 1 Weapon Target!

About: I mainly make weapons and bombs but if you ask for it, I'll try my hardest to get it done. Name: Adam Age: 13 Ethnicity: White, British Sanity level: MJDFKJHGSADHSADHSADJH... Yup that explains it Video editi...

I needed a replacement target, so I made this and wanted to share :)

This can be used for, Archery, knife throwing, punching bag, spear throwing, and parkour fighting. And probably a lot more post down in the comments if you find another use for this :)



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    It is a video, I'm guessing you're using the app, there is a problem with videos on it.. heres the link to the video :)