How to Make a 9 Volt Battery Adapter

Introduction: How to Make a 9 Volt Battery Adapter

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hate trying to use 9volt batteries for your projects because you cant connect wires to it
well here is a simple way to make a 9 volt battery adapter.

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Step 1: What You Need

- A 9 Volt battery (you can use a dead or a working battery if you use a working battery I will show you how to not waste the energy still in it)

- 10 gage  wire
- A soldering iron
- Solder
- A multi-tool

Step 2: Step One

You will need to get into the 9 Volt battery by baking the cover off of the battery with your multi-tool

Step 3: Step 2

once you have the piece you need you are all ready to solder

if you don't want to waste the rest of the battery if it isn't dead  you can use the pink cells as AAA batteries
first you will need to cut them out of the protective plastic and unwind them
then you will need to rip them apart and now you have 6 AAA batteries

Step 4: Step 3

you will now need to cut your wire    you need 2 pieces about 5 inches long 
now you need to strip the ends and solder them to the back of the metal terminals

Step 5: Finished

you now have a 9volt battery adapter that you can use for you projects instead of going out and buying one

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    5 years ago

    nice one defiantly gonna help me with mini projects


    6 years ago

    I noticed you usually photograph against a white shag rug. Don't you worry about getting it dirty?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the instructable. Very informative. One small point - I believe the cells inside are called AAAA rather than AAA. That means they are a little smaller.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    ya your right but you can use them as AAA's
    I just didn't want to confuse people because most people don't know what AAAA batteries are
    thanks for the heads up


    7 years ago on Step 5

    amazing i will make this as soon as possible!!