How to Make a 9 Volt Battery

Ever run out of 9 volt batteries, or just need a quick fix for your projects? I will show you how to make a 9 volt battery. I guarantee you this has more capacity as any other 9 volt battery you would find in a store! This is my first Instructable.

Step 1: What You Need:

You will need 6 AA Batteries, aluminum foil, and some duct tape.

Step 2: Organize the Batteries

Place the batteries so that the poles from the top are placed like this:

+ - + - + -

Step 3: Tape Them Up

Tape the batteries so that they don't move.

Step 4: Bridge the Poles

Next, bridge the poles together, so that the power will be sent through the batteries.

Step 5: Finished!

You now have your finished product. Use your imagination, or look at the photos.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    It´s all clear!

    But it is easier just to buy a 6-Cell-Battery-Holder!