How to Make a 'Aqua Pen Box Cell Phoneholder'?

Introduction: How to Make a 'Aqua Pen Box Cell Phoneholder'?

About: I am student of manufacturing in Institute technology of Arak. I am began 3d modeling for a year and I know this software very well: 1.Inventor 2. Catia 3.Solid edge 4.Solid works 5.Rhino 3D 6. Abaqus

What are you doing when you are tired at work in your office?

Do you want to have something for refreshing your mind when you have hard work?

If you want something like that, now it is the time to see special things that you would love it.

What are you waiting for?

Let's start…


Please read all the steps first and then make it thanks.

Step 1: Safety

One of the most important things in workshops is safety. Doesn’t matter how old are you or how many years you have skill.

It is necessary to pay attention to some important things in every workshop.

Here I recommend you some of these things you must pay attention in this workshop.

So please read this text and take care.

1. Choose a suitable workshop cloth.

Suitable cloth is:

a. That must cover your body

b. The sleeves mustn’t be too loose

c. The sleeves mustn’t be too long (the sleeves should be maximized up to your wrist.)

2. Choose a pair of gloves to protect your hands (there are vary kinds of gloves for different field, here I recommend leather gloves, Look at the picture.)

3. Choose a mask with filter to protect you against particles and gases.

4. Please don’t use aquarium glue indoor, it is better to use it in the yard or outdoor.

5. Don’t forget to wash your hand carefully after using glue.

6. Make sure you have first aid kit in your workshop.

Step 2: What Do We Need for This Project?

Only look at the photo and for the name of them please go on them with mouse pointer.

Step 3: How to Use Tools ? (for Beginner)

I decided to write a summarize about the

tools and how it’s better to work with that, because I know , we have really young audience that maybe like to make a project and it is better to know a summarize of how they should work with tools.

So before starting project please read this section.

Glass cutter:

For cutting a glass in this project we use glass cutter for easy to work and it is really cheap.

For using the glass cutter it is better to use something like wood for under the glass, please don’t cut the glass on the carpet. (That would be break and it is harmful for pets and children.)

Clean the area that you want to cut the glass from there.

When we want to cut something it is useful to use a little oil for better function.

Now when you measure the area you want to cut, then with a marker draw a line along the ruler.

The cut should not be very long. A cut longer than 24cm have a high failure rate when breaking.

Make sure you have enough area for gripping the glass and break it, but if it is hard to break then use a light hammer for breaking the glass.

Then dip the cutter to the oil and then cut the glass along the ruler on the line.

Holding the glass cutter is similar to pencil.

When you run that from one edge to another edge you shouldn’t run it back and forth.

After that grasp two sides of the glass and pressure with your hand to break the glass.

Finally with a sandpaper remove sharp edges. (Don’t forget to wear gloves)


In this project we don’t have a hard shape but I think it is better to have experience sawing with a coping saw. This saw is useful for hard shapes and using most areas of your wood.

First you must draw your lines on the wood then with a drill make a small hole near the line.

After that; pass the blade through the hole and tight it in its special place.

Finally you must follow the line and use it smooth in back and forth it is not necessary to put a lot of pressure on it.

Step 4: Make Aquarium

First we must draw our guide line depend on our need (In technical drawing.) on the glass and then rely on what I had mentioned in the step 3 cut the glass in 5 pieces.(Please check the amount of each piece with looking at picture note.)

Then use sandpaper for removing sharp edges. After that we need 5 cm tape as a fixture, first

Put the two side of glass near together (Look at the pictures,here I showed the tape in red.) and with tape fix them together it is only a preparation for the next step.

When you did this work, for all sides this is the time to use aquarium glue. First you must put glue along the edges and then like picture with your finger or with a brush spread the glue in its place.

Finally it needs a day for drying and resting.

Step 5: Make Wood or Base Part

Now it is time to make the wooden parts here we use balsa wood about 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) thickness.

You can see the parts we need and amount of each part in the technical drawings.

Depend what I said in step 3 first draw guide line with chalk on the wood and then put the wood in the vice after tight, cut them carefully and give each a number like what I did.

And finally use sandpaper for remove sharp edges.

Step 6: Make Part 3 to What We Want

For part 3 we want a flat surface on both side of that but without measuring we want to solve the problem.

As you see in the picture you should put the part 3 an 1 near each other.(like the picture)

And then with a piece of chalk draw line.Then with coping saw cut the unnecessary part.

Step 7: Assembly

Now it is time to assembly what we had made to make a nice table aquarium with special work.

As you can see in GIF pictures and depend on the dimensions in the technical drawing you should follow them and easily with wood glue assemble parts.

Note:When you want to assemble make sure the parts are perpendicular to each other and for doing this use your square.If they were not perpendicular then use sandpaper for flatness and make it right after a few minutes doing sandpaper check what you want with square,Finally for better result it is better when you use square, look at the area that wood and square touch each other with light background to see the gap.)

At the end you can paint the wood to what you want and also you can use texture tape.

The processes is obvious in the pictures but for adding complete information I tell which parts get together step by step:

(depend on technical drawing)

1.Part 1 stick on part 0

2.Part 2 stick to part 1 and part 0

3.Part 1 stick to part 2 and part 0

4.Part 3 (modified part) stick on parts 1 and 0

5.Part 4 on part 0

6.Part 5 on part 0 carefully depend on technical drawing

7.Part 6 on part 0 and to part 5 in for area

I hope you like it,

Please tell me your advice (;

Thanks all

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    9 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea but not good for a fish maybe use that part for paper clips but not fish


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for your idea,would you please explain more and tell me why not fish?

    Thank you(;


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    the tank part is a little two small for a fish a betta should have at least one gallon tank and it should have some sort of bubbler to add air into the tank or else you would need to shange the water a lot unless u have a filter but if you made the tank bigger it would be a great idea


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cell phone besides tank a big no. Some fish have a habit of jumping out and some have habit of throwing/flashing water out and a cell phone just besides it, a very expensive affair.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    The 3d models of this project are good, but the actual design is lacking.

    I say this because the aquarium portion is really not large enough for anything more than a shrimp tank. and even with that you'd end up with so many accessories behind it to make it a functional aquarium it'd be too cumbersome for a desk and/or night stand environment.

    I'd also include Silicone in the project materials. You'll need it to do the sealing and joining of the glass. Hardware store glass is also very thin so you couldn't put much water in this thing.

    I'd change the design just a bit and make it a peaked roof all glass greenhouse styled terrarium. You could make the top pivot on a hinge and be able to support some moss and some venus flytraps.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your ideas, here I answer to some of your ideas:

    Yes I think actual design is lacking but I have a lot of project and really I don't have enough time for making it.

    I think here in instructables the actual model is not necessary because all of the things are for better understanding to how to make a project so now a days with 3d models we can teach everything better to our audience so I choose this type of projects.

    This is a decorating aquarium for office table my goal was not something that can carry something like piranha or catfish!

    It is a fun aquarium for pleasure and make you calm during your work for some fishes like Betta fish ,etc... these kind of fishes don't need filter!

    so your table is also clean and tidy.

    There is no need to Silicon because the aquarium glues included this material by itself.

    Depend on my friend that have big shop the size of the aquarium and thickness is accurate and there is no worries about this matter.

    Again thanks for your comment.(;


    5 years ago on Step 7

    The 3D modeled pictures are .gif please open them to see the action.Thanks