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For those of you who love Batman to death just like me, Halloween is around the corner, and I hope you all enjoy the Utility Belt I made for this theme! I got this batman buckle at Spencer's and found it very interesting and inspiring. Starting from a regular heavy duty leather belt, I then created two leather pouches and a Batman-logo shaped money clip. Here you are, an one and only Batman Utility Belt. Feeling pretty proud of making this bad boy, I would love to introduce the process to all of you.

Step 1: Prepare the Belt Blank

Pic1: Draw out your belt pattern and prepare a 1 3/4 inches belt blank.

Pic2: Shape the belt end with your finished pattern.

Pic3: Use a splitter to thin the end of the belt, in order to make it easier when attaching to the buckle.

Pic4: Use a leather creaser to crease belt border according to the pattern.

Ready for the wetting and pattern transferring.

Step 2: Finish the Carving and Tooling

Pic1: Damp leather using a spaying bottle or a sponge.

Pic2: Transfer the pattern to the damped belt using a transfer paper and tracing pen.

Pic3: Finish pattern tracing.

Pic4: Carving the belt using a swivel knife.

Pic5: Tool leather using proper leather stamping tools as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Finishing Process of the Leather Belt

Pic1: Tooling has finished.

Pic2: Using a Leather edge beveler to bevel the edge of the belt.

Pic3: Using Black Fiebing's oil dye to dye the leather belt.

Pic4: Finish the edge of the belt using gum tragacanth and slick wheel.

Pic5: Attach belt to the buckle, then add a loop.

Step 4: Batman Bill Clip Making Process Part1

Pic1: Design the pattern.

Pic2: Cut out the shape from a piece of 6oz vegetable-tanned leather.

Pic3: Finished piece.

Pic4: Groove two channels on the back of the leather so that you may easily fold the leather later.

Pic5: Finish dyeing and sew the belt loop on your Batman-logo shaped leather piece.

Step 5: Batman Bill Clip Making Process Part2

Pic1: Belt loop attached.

Pic2: Insert magnet for the belt clip (make sure you set at right direction).

Pic3: Glue on pigskin lining for the bill clip.

Pic4: Punch holes using a punching plier for sewing.

Pic5: Hand stitch the bill clip.

Pic6/7: Finished item.

Step 6: The Process of Making Utility Pouch

Pic1: Prepare leather piece from the pattern and finish dyeing all of them into black.

Pic2: Install silver line 24 snap.

Pic3: Sew a belt loop on the belt and start assemble.

Pic4: Finished product.

Step 7: Done!!! the Coolest Costume Accessory You Will Ever Get!

After all the above steps, you will finally get this insanely amazing Batman Utility Belt for one of the happiest moments of a year, Halloween! You can also put cards or cellphone in the pouches and clip money under the bat wings, get wild and have fun!!!

Tons of thanks to my wife, for being incredibly supportive along the way!

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4 years ago

I really dig the finished product.

However, I felt really left in the dark through this instructable. The photos are good, but some extra info for those of us who are not leather workers already,but might one day like to be would be awesome.

For example, what is a swivel knife, and how do I use one? What is a splitter? I'm guessing it splits the leather into layers sort of? It looks a bit like a draw knife mounted to a table.

Overall, this feels less like an instructable and more like a brag post. That doesn't make it bad, but I'd like to know more to make a sweet belt like that.

3 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I feel like this instruction is more for advanced level leather crafters who have basic understanding about leather tools instead of novices... you may wanna start with much simpler projects ~ just b/c this is an instruction contest, doesn't mean everybody should post "leatherwork for dummies."


Reply 4 years ago

I understand, and I voted accordingly. I really do think this is a great project, and a pretty good instructable, I would start with "leather working for dummies" projects if I were going to get my feet wet with this.

Maybe I didn't pick the best examples, it's just that (to me) lots of this feels glossed over. I guess that if I were already an experienced leatherworker much of this would make more sense. Also, lots of the steps are pretty much self-explanatory or make logical sense, relief cuts to make sharp folds etc.

I meant my comment only as constructive criticism. I had hoped I pointed out enough good, along with what I felt was lacking, that the author would know how to improve it if he wanted to make it able to be appreciated by a wider audience.

If the author is happy with how it is, and doesn't feel the need for greater reach, well that's fine too. There's nothing wrong with more advanced level 'ibles.


4 years ago

I'm a 60s Batman fan...I really like your handy work, top notch skill.
Ok, this is on the Batman theme ..I once had a collector 60s T-shirt, & my then girlfriend tossed it in the I was pissed off.!! I mean, how could someone do that.. ?.

Jack Daniels

4 years ago on Introduction

My inner geek says: Why stop at Halloween. I'd wear that year round.

The Rambler

4 years ago on Introduction

This is fantastic. Are you doing the rest of the costume? If so I'd love to see it.


4 years ago

Very very nice aspecially the money clip

This looks so awesome! Very nice handiwork on the leather working, tis a difficult beast. Thanks for sharing!