How to Make a Beautiful Origami Rose (Bouquet) for Valentines Day!




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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an origami Beautiful Rose. Enjoy :D!
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Tips: Take care of your folds at the beginning, and the rest should be fairly easy if you follow the tutorial exactly. Making careful folds, and making sure everything is properly aligned will allow you to get best results for the final product. This rule is something that should probably be kept in mind when making any origami model. Other than that, have fun!

"Origami" in other languages:
اوريغامي, арыгамі, অরিগামি, Оригами, 折纸, 摺紙, ઓરિગામિ, אוריגאמי, 折り紙, ಹಾಗೆ ಕಾಗದ ಮಡಿಸಿ ತಯಾರಿಸಿದ ಯಾವುದೇ ವಸ್ತು, 종이 접기, оригами, orikami, اوریگامی, оригами, Оригами, ஓரிகமி, орігамі, اوریگامی , אָריגאַמי

"Beautiful Paper Rose" in other languages:
Pragtige Paper Rose, جميلة ورقة روز, Eder Paper Rose, Прыгожая паперы Роўз, সুন্দর কাগজ রোজ, Prekrasna Paper Rose, Rose bella de paper, 漂亮的纸玫瑰, 漂亮的紙玫瑰, Lijepa papira Rose



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    7 Discussions

    Jabez MelkiB

    3 years ago on Introduction

    This was really great!! Thanks a lot! I spent like 2 hours trying to make the "A Dozen Red Roses" but it didn't really turn out good....Anyway, thanks again!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks very much for this (and for the original from Stephan Weber - actually available at

    Unfortunately your video is now private, and so I cannot re-watch it (a shame, as it was easier to follow than Stephan's original!)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for making this video.
    I think Swastika03 is being very ungrateful. We should be happy that people are kind enough to make these tutorials in any format.
    Personally I prefer videos - sometimes images can be confusing, especially with origami.
    The roses are beautiful and I will be trying them. Thanks again.

    1 reply