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My lovely assistant models my latest Candle. As usual, for more information (and cat pictures) check out my blog.

This candle took around 30 minutes to make and set almost instantly, and was so easy to make. I am assuming you have read my other Instructable, How to Make Candles, before you read this as it details the basic skills involved in melting and making candles.


Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together

For this little beauty you need:

- Cocktail Glass

- Wax Flakes

- 1 Wick

- Scent

- 2 different candle dyes - Ideally Orange and Red

First off it is important that you get the correct type of wax, or that you are willing to flake your wax up into a slushee like consistancy, the picture below shows the size of wax flakes you want.I got all my supplies at but you can get all of them at Micheal's. The picture shows the type of wax I used this time.

Step 2: Get the Wick Set

So as before, you want to set up your double boiler by placing your bowl into your pan full of water, turn the stove on to high and allow the water to boil. Add as about a table spoon of wax into the mixture first and melt it.

As this max is melting, set up your glass using the chopstick wick technique. You want to pour the tiny amount of wax into the container using the funnel, it should be enough to cover the base of the wick. The idea here is to put the wick in place before we add the main portion of the candle.

Once the wax has melted, pour it in to the glass to hold the wick in place, this is important as we will be packing in our loose wax later and we want it to be secured. Once poured in place the whole container into the freezer, and continue to melt more wax.

Step 3: Making the "Slushee"

This time you want to melt two hand fulls of wax. Once melted, add your colouring and ten drops of scent. This time I went for an orange colouring, and a fruity scent. I only used a few little flakes of the colouring, the same as last time.

Once completed, remove the bowl from the pan and sit on the counter top to cool slightly. Once cool enough so that it does not instantly melt the flakes (I continued to test it by adding flakes and seeing if they disolved), fold in the candle flakes.

Continue to mix about a handful into the mixture. This will substantially cool it down, so much so you should be able to pick it up with your hands and press it into balls and shapes. At this point, remove the glass from the freezer, as the wax at the bottom should be set. Remove the shopstick, and start to mold the wax into the glass.

Step 4: Adding "The Sauce"

Because the wax is fairly solid, you should be able to mold it up into a point. The look we are going for here is a slushee cocktail so do the best you can to get the shape right. Once you have pushed it in tight, you want to take your trusty chopstick and run it around the edges poking holes down into the glass.

Melt more wax and add your red colouring here, and pour it around the edge of your "Slushee"

Step 5: Done!

Allow the Candle to set, and thats it!

It sets pretty quickly, and used a lot less wax than my first attempt. The chopstick technique also gave the wick a playful curl, which made it look even more girly. The cost of this candle was a lot less than the first one I made too, mostly due to the supplier of the wax.

If you are wondering where I got the glass, It is an "Absolut" Vodka Glass, that I got for 50c at a thrift store!



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