How to Make a Big Mac Car




Introduction: How to Make a Big Mac Car

My name is Aidan and this is my first Instructable.

I am going to show you how to make big mac car from McDonald's containers

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Step 1: Materials

2 large lids

2 med lids

2 large fry containers

1 6 piece chicken nuggets container

1 BBQ dip container

1 Big Mac container

2 straws

Step 2: Tools

Glue Gun with Glue Sticks (I got my Dad to help me with this)



Cutting Board

Step 3: Body

Glue dot inside of first fry container and slide second fry container halfway into first fry container.

Hold together until solid.

Step 4: Cockpit

Slide the bottom half of chicken nugget container inside the second fry container. The top should cover the front of the second fry container glue front of container down to the front of the fry container.

Step 5: Front Axle

Pop the fry container bottom out with your pencil and slide the straw through the bottom. Make it roughly even with each side of the straw sticking out of both sides.

Step 6: Rear Axle

Poke holes on each the rear bottom corners of your nugget container with a pencil. Slide straw in the holes until roughly even on both sides.

Step 7: Front Wheels.

Slide medium drink lids on each side of the front axle.

Step 8: Rear Wheels

Slide large drink lids on each side of the rear axles, and glue in place. Trim all excess straw material.

Step 9: Engine Cover

Glue BBQ dip container to the top of the first fry container.

Step 10: Spoiler

Trace fin design on to Big Mac Container. Cut the tracing out. Glue to the rear top of the chicken nugget container.

Step 11: DONE!!

Enjoy your Big Mac Racer -

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    CSI worker
    CSI worker

    5 years ago

    Welcome to Instrutables!


    5 years ago

    They might be small.


    5 years ago

    But aren't the fry boxes in your pic med. not large?


    5 years ago

    Nice... someone found something useful to do with McDonald's merchandise. Welcome to the community.


    5 years ago

    So fun! I like this idea.