How to Make a Cardboard F1




You can glue all the pieces to this vehicle with either hot glue, regular glue or duct tape. But this video shows how to make a really neat Cardboard vehicle. You dont really need that many materials and it will only take about 2-3 hours . I have signed up for this contest because i love building things out of cardboard... and many people say im very creative for a 14 year old. So i hope people try making one of these and thanks alot instructables for considering my entry!! :) 

Here are all my cardboard car models :)

What did you make?

Well what i have made here is a formula 1 racecar out of cardboard. It really doesnt do much other then just be a rally cool display to show off what you have made. It didnt really involve much Materials other then cardboard, paint, hot glue and obiously all the tools to make it.

How did you make it?

I got this idea because i always loved cars and just thought i should make a formula 1 car to add to my cardboard car collection. I worked with no one else but myself and all my plans worked out just the way i wanted them to.

Where did you make it?

I only worked on this in my room and i just make these type of cars just for fun because i really enjoy making need vehicles out of cardboard and really brings my talents out.

What did you learn? 

The biggest challenge was making the wheels and painting the car. Well the wheels arent really a challenge but get boring to do after you make 4 of them. I would make this project again. i actually make a ferrari f1 out of cardboard before i made this car but just added more detail and added a really cool paint job with a instructables sticker kit.



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    2 years ago

    I am sorry but the video does not work.

    La CasitaD

    3 years ago

    Hi! Do ypu have the plans? Thankz