How to Make a Cardboard Mini Fridge!




Introduction: How to Make a Cardboard Mini Fridge!

How to make a Cardboard Mini Fridge using household and inexpensive materials!

Step 1: Materials

Cardboard Box
On/Off Switch
Peltier Unit (Available from Ebay)
AC Adapter (7.5 Volts works nice)
Shiny Tape

Step 2: Cut Hole!

Cut a hole in the bottom of the box the size of the heatsink, and one in the side, as big as you want the door to be!

Step 3: Attach Heatsink

Attach the heatsink to the petier unit, the hot side will touch the heatsink. Then push the wires and switch inside.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Put a piece of scrap metal on top of the peltier unit, put your drink on top, turn it on!



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    Please, be positive and ConstrUctive oN here preTty please.

    so.. i bought this peltier and 2 heatsink + fan, and then i connect them to the adaptor 12 V, the fan works fine, but the peltier doesn't get cool, it just around 25C, and the heat also not very hot either, is there any ways to make my peltier cooler? *sorry for my bad english

    checck your area for a ESS (electronic supply store) they have almost defintly have all these parts

    Cool little project you have there. I just have a question.

    Can i use 2 or more heatsink/peltier_unit for more coolness?

    Cool little project you have there. I just have a few questions.

    Would a TEC1-12705 Peltier Thermo Cooling Generator work for this project? It's 12-14V DC and 3-5A and a maximum 30W. The maximum difference in temperature is 60 ° c. I'm assuming that it would work, but I want a second opinion.

    Also, I saw your heat sink and noticed it was quite small. Do they all have to be around this size? Do I need a larger heat sink for a larger volume of space?

    Does it matter where I put the heat sink/peltier unit? Like say would I get different temperature drops if I put it on the bottom, top, sides, or rear.

    I noticed that you put a piece of metal onto the peltier unit to place objects on and I think this limits the fridges holding capacity. Do I absolutely need a piece of metal for the objects to sit on or can I just have the peltier unit somewhere in the container and let it still cool what's inside.

    2 replies

    That Peltier unit would do just fine. However, make sure whatever power supply your using can supply 30 watts. The heatsink size is up to you, bigger would be more effective. Location shouldn't matter either. If you're trying to cool a space, put a heatsink on both sides, a fan on the heat sink for the cold side would help the enclosure cool down faster.

    Thanks for the fast reply! Yes I will be sure the power supply can supply at least 30 watts. I think I'd rather have the heat sink be at the bottom rear just for convenience. Does the fan blow in or out?

    Cool project. Were you able to take a final temperature reading after it stabilized for a while? How cold does it get?