How to Make a Centerpiece

Introduction: How to Make a Centerpiece

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So I wanted to get creative one day, and decided to make a centerpiece for our dinning room table. I wanted to use something different to make the centerpiece, other than a square piece of wood. So I went out to the fire wood pile and grabbed a few round logs that were 3-4" in diameter.

The idea was to cut them into discs and arrange them into some short of shape. After playing around with a few different shapes, I decided to go with a long, rectangle shape and stack the wood discs 4 high. For the top discs, I drilled a 1-5/8" hole in the center that would receive a tea light candle. I then glued each of the discs to one another, leaving a 1/4"-1/2" gap in between each piece.I hope you enjoyed this projects. Thank you for watching.

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