How to Make a Color Splash Image

Introduction: How to Make a Color Splash Image

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 This is a tutorial on how to make a color splash image with gimp. if you don't have gimp you can download it easy and free at ...WWW.gimp.ORG

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Step 1: Twins!

 Open up TWO of the SAME picture in 2 windows. 

Step 2: Old Fashion

Turn ONE picture into Black & White.

Click on White Box>

Step 3: Dots

 Select the scissor (i don't know what the real name is) tool and click and make dots around the WHOLE picture.

When done, strike the Enter Key on the Keyboard. The "Marching Ants" will appear and your picture will be in white. 

Step 4: Copy 'N' Paste

 Copy the colorful Image (leaf) by right clicking, Edit Copy. Open the Black and white image and Paste.

Step 5: Align

 Now once you have the colorful picture onto the Black and White picture, select the Rectangle tool. Click on the colorful image (leaf) and drag it over top of the black and white image (leaf).

Step 6: Touchups

 NOTE: the marching ants will be gone unlike in my first picture.

Now select the zoom tool and zoom in a place of which you missed.
Select the Clone Stamp tool. to sample a spot hold CTRL and click a spot with the same color as the uncolored spot should be (i sample right underneath the bare spots).

use the clone stamp as a paintbrush and apply color to the missing spots. to do so, left click and drag.

Step 7: Final Check

click on the VIEW tab and select the number with the 1 next to it to go to the original zoom.

right click your photo, hover over file, choose Save As.

When the window comes up, choose a name for your file, then select "Select File" Scroll to JPG and click.

When done, somtimes a box comes up, Select Export, then SAVE

Step 8: Well DONE

 I haope your satisfied, if you liked it and want more Instructables by me, check out my channel, subscribe, tell me how much you like it or hate it in the comment box below, I read and reply to ALL COMMENTS!

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like it,Im gonna try it with some shots of my koi pond this spring and summer,it would also be cool with humming birds.


    Great instructable!
    This will be very helpful since i am sorta a self taught
    gimpist/ gimp artist/ person who edits on gimp. . .
    (or what ever it is called) :P


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    haha. i just started using gimp and realized how easy color splash was on it. 

    Thanks, i'm glad you liked it!!!