How to Make a Cool and Neat Money Watch , (change Holder)

Introduction: How to Make a Cool and Neat Money Watch , (change Holder)

Here is as cool way to keep some of your change in one place and look sylish along with it

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Step 1: You Will Need

Buckyball,neocubes, or some thing that is like that
Some change
And mostly important creativity

Step 2: The Base

First mesure your hand with a bucky ball line than conect the 2 end around your hand.
Now take that off and get the same amount of bucky balls and make a second row like
the second photo you can make as many rows as you want.
Then put them together like the third photo that's how you can check if your doing it
right. Now put them togher on your hand look at the 4th photo for help

Step 3: Time for a Little Creavivity

Now just stick on some canadain* coins and your done. Try to be creative as much as possible.
This is a great gift for people that like gadgets ,unique stuff, or are always losing their or your

*I dont know the outcome of other coins try any type of coins if you like. 

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    Wouldn't this make a great gift. Vote 4 Me in the Holliday gift challange.A mac would be nice if i won.


    6 years ago

    Stick them on with what.. Glue? That's not very durable.. And cheap looking