How to Make a DIY Glue Gun LED Torch




An awesome Glue Gun LED Torch.Handy and Trendy.Enjoy!

Step 1: Requirements

A Solder Iron,Lead Solder,Flux
Glue Gun
10mm White LED
3V Button Cell,Button Cell Holder
Slide Switch
Useless Torch Lens(Optional)
Connecting Wires

Step 2: Glue Gun Demolition

Open up the Glue Gun with the help of the screw driver.Cut off the wire and remove the glue cartridge.Remove the heating components inside the gun.
The only parts that should remain inside are the trigger components.

Step 3: And Here Comes Mr.LED

Now take the 10mm White LED and connect two wires to the Anode and Cathode of the LED.(FYI:Long Lead=Anode;Short Lead=Cathode)
Connection can either be done by usin an insulating tape or by soldering.Soldering is much more secure.
Plus you can solder and then tape it for better results.

Step 4: ♪♫Turn Around, Now SWITCH!♪♫

As shown in the image,Solder the LED to the Slide Switch.

Step 5: Mounting the LED

Now pass the assembly through the slider hole as shown in image.

Step 6: Positioning

Position the Slide Switch vertically and then press it into the half circle at the back of the Glue Gun.
Now tape the LED into position at the front of the Glue Gun such that the tip of the LED is slightly inside the tip of the Gun.

Step 7: The Button Cell Holder

Now solder the Button Cell Holder to the LED properly.
+ve terminal to the anode while -ve terminal to the switch.

Step 8: Mounting the Holder

Now pass the soldered holder through the gap at the side of the gun as shown.
One of the sides of the gun usually have sort of a slot.It is perfect for the holder.
Apply a little pressure and slide the holder into place.It should fit perfectly.

Step 9: Optional Step-The Torch Lens

A 10mm White LED is sufficient by itself and gives appropriate amount of light.
But to ensure better quality you can fit the torch lens at the tip of the gun with the help of glue.This gives us a wider focus.

Step 10: Let There Be Light!!

Now that all's done,it looks pretty decent.Use your thumb to adjust the switch.Have Fun!!
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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Since you wasted a glue gun you should do some extra modifications to make an astronaut retro gun with super wow laser that shrink the enemies.....LOL....

    4 replies

    good for working with power tools and a team one person can hold the torch you can solder or so whatever it goes good with a clamp too

    1 reply