How to Make a DIY Pull Up Bar

Introduction: How to Make a DIY Pull Up Bar

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Need a no-brainer DIY pull up bar? With a few parts and even fewer tools you can be hanging out in no time flat.

This video shows how to make a DIY pull up bar and a few things I do on mine. Having it at home in my Silence of the Lambs-basement means I don’t need to make a gym visit to get a little exercise. I’m of the mind that if it’s there, I’ll use it—for all kinds of stuff, like a quick break from email to get the blood flowing again. Or just to stretch a little when I fear my that even my stand up desk is turning me into a chair-shaped species.

Step 1: The Parts

Get them in the plumbing department. It’s the same kind of pipe we made our steampunk shelf from.

-(2) 4-inch floor flanges

-(1) 1/2-inch x 24-inch (or longer) pipe

-(2) Drywall screws

Step 2: The Exercises

Stretch. I use a pull up bar simply for stretching out. Hang. Bend knees. Twist feet side to side. Slowly. Let your body elongate.

Pull. Palms out = pull up. Pull ups are a total-body exercise in my view.

Chin. Palms in = chin up. These may be a bit easier and work different muscle groups.

I also do ab exercises (that I consider torture) and even self-assist pull/chin ups on my DIY pull up bar. It’s there, why not?

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