How to Make a Dark Sensor




About: My Name is Anurag Pandey. I'm form INDIA .I'm an Engineer and love to make stuff related to Robotics and all Engineering branches. If yo have any doubt on any related subject ask me i will help you my best....

Hello everyone . This is my frist instructable on this site ..This idea came in my mind when i was reading of automatic street light . Here i have show an easy way to make a dark senensor it sence dark and then a light will glow automaticly . It is also helpfull in making of LFR-line following robot. The part are very cheap and can find on a simple electronic store..also


Step 1:

1.Battery (3v-4.5v) 2.LDR 3.Transistor (BC547B NPN) 4.LDR 5.LED

Step 2: Circuit

Step 3: Video

here is a vedio by wich you can learn how to make it easily



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