How to Make a Darth Nihilus Mask From the Game KOTOR (knights of the Old Republic)

Introduction: How to Make a Darth Nihilus Mask From the Game KOTOR (knights of the Old Republic)

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   This mask can not only be used for a Darth Nihilus mask but also just a mask for Halloween.There are quite a few suplies and here they are.

-fiberglass resin-
-white spray paint-
-a bunch of cheap brushes-

Step 1: Paper Mache

   The first step is print off a pic. of the mask.Next what you want to do is take the tinfoil and press it up against your face as to make the shape of your face.Once you have done this carefully lay it on a flat surface with some paper towels beneath. Two or three should do the trick.Now either cut or tear strips of paper longways.Next start the make the paper mache mix.To do this mix the flour and water in a bowl by about one part flour two part water.Dip the strips of paper in this mix and lay them across the pressed tinfoil.After doing three or four layers of this let dry over night or pop it in the oven for a few minutes.The first part of the mask is done!

Step 2: Fiberglassing

Now the messy part.Lay the cloth that comes with the fiberglass kit over top the mask.Now apply the resin over top the cloth with a cheap brush.Let dry over night! Do not touch it or it will look weird and your finger will get stuck! This stuff is stronger than super glue so be careful!
    Personaly i used nails to hold the mask in place so that it wouldn't change shape while drying but that is an optional step that you can take if you like.It just assures you that the mask will still fit you when your done.

Step 3: Cutting

   This is the hardest part by far.First draw out the mak shape by copying the print out that you have and cut the edges.Now that thats done cut out the nose part.To do this draw a circle around the area where the nose sticks out and then cut the tip of the nose off and work your way down the nose untill your satisfied. Last and not least the eyes.This part is quite hard because both eyes have to be the same size or it will look all weird and wont look as clean.
    All i did for the eyes is free handed the eyes and they turn out well but i dont exactly suggest that so what you can do is use the print out to trace the eyes on to the mask.Cut out the eyes using a fine dremel bit and sand paper.Sand everything done and your done with cutting it out.Im sorry for not many pics. on this step I honestly forgot.    :D

Step 4: Puttying or Spakling

   Now that you've cut it out we are going to put on some putty to build it up.apply as much as you want but keep in mind if your going to it wear you don't want it to heavy.after letting the putty dry sand it down a bit with some fine grit sand paper.Build up the area above the eyes and the cheek bone area so that it looks sort of like a skull because thats the shape and look that were going for.also to sand it done start by using a coarser grit sand paper and work you r way to a 120 grit sand paper.

Step 5:

   One of the last steps of this project is to do one last coating of resin.Follow step two for the instructions on this.You can use nails to keep it in place as I did.Let dry overnight and your ready to paint!The nails are to keep the mask in place so that it doesn't morph into a different shape that wont fit your face.

Step 6:

   The last step is to paint.Just use a can of white spray paint and have at it.  :)   Let it dry and your done!

Step 7: Optional

Some things you do with this mask not mentioned are.

-drill small holes on the outside and put wire or string through it and tie a knot to where you can where it-
-paint the red stripes like in the photo-
-do the clay piece as in the photo-
-Scare the crap out of your neighbor-

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    tech dawg
    tech dawg

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thank you very much this took me around 6 months xD

    The Rambler
    The Rambler

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The aluminum foil/paper mâché was a great idea. I used to make aluminum foil masks when I was a kid but I never thought about using that as the start of something like this. It's a great way to get your face shape though.