How to Make a Depressed Box Man.




The depressed box man is a figure made with Solidworks to be printed with a makerbot. The real purpose of this instructable is to show where you can get started when making simple human like figures.

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Torso

Make a torso shape with the sketch tool and then extrude it to whatever thickness you want it to be. Then CLICK one of the planes on the geometry and sketch a CENTERLINE going down the middle of the plane to get a circle right in the middle of it. Then extrude cut the circles to make holes for the arms, legs, and head. All of the holes have to go IN to the body or else your makerbot probably won't be able to print it.

Step 2: Making the First Arm

Start with a sketch like before and make a simple arm shape. When you start sketching, be SURE that you select the top plane, so you can have the insert facing UP which is the only way the makerbot can print it.

Step 3: ...and Then the Other Arm.

To make the other arm quickly and correctly, first save your first arm and then undo several steps until you get back to the sketch. Then delete the lower half and recreate it, but facing the opposite direction as the first one. Finish the arm using the same techniques as before and save it as another part. You should now have 2 arms facing opposite directions!

Step 4: Make the Legs

To make the legs we do the same thing we did with the arms. Make sure you start with the top plane for all of your sketches!!
When making the leg sketch, be sure to have a round top so you can move the leg.
After you're done with the leg save it and go back to its sketch, again switching the direction to make the other leg.

Step 5: The Head

The head needs to be made upside down so the insert faces UP like with the arms and the legs. Otherwise the makerbot wont be able to print it.

Step 6: Print and Assemble!

Print off all of the pieces (which you should have no trouble with if you did correctly) and put the inserts in their correct spots.
Congrats! You now have a depressed box man.



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    2 Discussions

    nice documentation! how to you imagine the joints staying together? I saw a project that was kind of similar that used magnets, I thought this was a cool idea.

    1 reply

    I hope the joints will stay by friction fit but I am not sure. I'm probably going to have to change some things before I can get a print going.