How to Make a Electronics Holder

Introduction: How to Make a Electronics Holder

This is how to make a nifty electronics holder out of duct tape!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

Duct Tape

Wire Coat Hanger


Wire Cutters (or trimmers)


(I forgot some stuff in the image)

Step 2: Making the Base

1. Start off by marking the ends of the straight part with a sharpie and the middle with a sharpie.

2. Cut the wire with wirer cutters (I dont have any so I used a plant trimmer)

3. Use the sharpie to make a mark an inch from one of the ends on both pieces.

4. Bend the wire at that spot to 20 degrees on both wires.

Step 3: Taping Up the Base

1. Lay a strip of duct tape to however big you want the holder to be.

2. Lay the wire onto the duct tape and make sure the ends are facing up.

3. Fold and excess tape to the other side.

4. Add another strip and cover the extra sticky stuff on the back.

5. Repeat this until you reach the top, then get a strip and cover the top.

6. Use a strip to cover the part where your electronics go (bottom) 

Step 4: Adding Support

You may notice the bottom won't support your electronics yet. Because of this you have to add support.

1. Get another piece of wire and measure the length of the holder's base.

2. Put the wire in the middle of a strip and place it onto the bottom holder.

3. Test the holder and make sure it doesn't dip.

Step 5: Adding the Back Piece

Now your done with the base. But wait you cant hold it up?

1. Cut off the part where the sholder goes on the hanger and cover it with tape.

2. Tape it on so the hook is against the base.

3. Roll up a piece and slide it under the hook.

4. Tape down the rolland bend the tip.

Step 6: Done

Your done now go fill it with electronics!

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