How to Make a Fire Wood Holder From an Old Washing Machine Tub.

Introduction: How to Make a Fire Wood Holder From an Old Washing Machine Tub.

This old washing machine tub was what my father used in our home growing up to store firewood by the fire place. When my father passed away in November of 2012 and upon the settling of his estate I was able to get this item with all of its sentimental value to me for use in my home. To many folks including many in my family this is just an old piece of junk. It indeed could be sold for scrap metal I suppose but I like my fathers idea and I suspect he got this from his parents home in Iowa. It appears to be a drum from an older washing machine of some type. It is large as washing machines go! It was painted by my father in later years this turquoise blue color. He was very fond of that color for some reason and painted this that color the outside of his house, his kitchen cabinets and even a stripe on his truck. He truly was enamored with this color. To be honest I am not as fond of it as he was. :)

I paint the tub a “Dark Bronze” color form the paint that says it is a “Hammered Metal” finish. It looked good in the store and it proved to not disappoint when I used it. I like this deep dark color. The base is very simple a piece of 3/4 inch plywood cut into a circle a little smaller than the circumference of the tub. Castors are screwed into the plywood and then the tub is screwed onto this platform. I painted the plywood base flat black after priming it.

This item while it may be just a piece of metal has sentimental value to me as I remember it form some of my earliest memories. I can honestly remember how much larger this seemed when I was a little tike. I can remember pulling up on the edge to stretch my chin over the edge to look in. I will enjoy using it by my fire place!

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