How to Make a Foam Stick Figure for Stop Motion Animation

Introduction: How to Make a Foam Stick Figure for Stop Motion Animation

This instructable will show you how to create an easy to make stick figure that is perfect for any stop-motion movie. Another great thing about these figures is that once you know how to make a stick man, you can create pretty much any design using the same technique.

Materials needed

  • small piece of wood (depends on how big your planing on making your shape)
  • small nails
  • hammer
  • wire
  • needle nose pliers
  • foam paper
  • double sided tape
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • exacto-knife

Step 1: Making the Skeleton Part 1

Draw a rough outline on the wood,, this will create a guide line for where the nails will go. Once you've drawn out the figure hammer one nail into each of the 6 places:

-left/right hand

left/right leg



If you want to create a larger figure more nails should be put into each elbow, knee and in between the neck and the waist.

Step 2: Making the Skeleton Part 2

Once all nails are hammered in securely, cut roughly around 2 feet of metal wire (depends on the size you wish to make). Wrap the wire around the nails starting at the waist. The video below shows how and where to wrap the nails. It will also show how to make the head. Once the wire is wrapped around the nails, slowly lift the wire up past the nails. Bend the nails slightly if the wire wont come off. When the skeleton is off, use the pliers to squish the rounded parts( hands and feet). Once you are happy with the skeleton you are ready to move on to the next stage

Step 3:

For this step you will need 2 of the same colored pieces of craft foam. First put the wire frame onto one of the corners of the first page leaving the frame a couple of millimeters from the side. Very lightly, draw around the frame leaving a half inch on each side. When the drawing is the thickness you want, apply double sided tape to every part of the drawing, do not worry about going over as once the shape is cut the tape will not be seen. Place the frame on top of the tape make sure the wire is not touching the sides and that there is an equal gap between the drawing and the wire. Stick the end pieces close together to get the head in the right place- I find that the head can be the trickiest part so take your time when placing the head.

Step 4:

When the wire is stuck onto the tape, place the second piece on top of the first lining the edges up with each other. As you press the two pieces together you will begin to see the frame, but just press hard enough to see the shape, to hard and the outline will stay. When the the pieces are pressed firmly together draw another outline so you know what to cut, draw lightly so you won't see the special marks after you cut. -Sorry for not having any pictures i didnt realize until after that i had forgotten to take pictures while doing this.

Step 5:

Cut out the stick figure with either scissors or an exato knife. Once the figure is cut out trim it with the scissors ad there you go, you have a foam stick figure

Step 6: Time-Lapse

This time-Lapse will show the steps i took in making the stick figure.

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    2 Discussions

    Mr. Noack
    Mr. Noack

    5 years ago

    Ethan, upload your final animation to YouTube and include it in this instructable so that people can see all of your hard work.

    This is so cool, with the wire I bet it he's really pose able! Bet it can make for some amazing animation!