How to Make a GIANT Bean Bag




This instructable shows how to make a giant bean bag! This thing will impress all of your friends!

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    9 Discussions

    this is great but you should write out the instructions you allready have step by step pictures if you added a bit of text to go with them it would be perfect.

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    Hey, Yea I realize that now, this is the first instructable I've ever done so I didn't realize you have to choose step by step in the beginning! Do you have any tips on how to switch it over with out having to do the whole process again?

    you could just go to your YOU PAGE, find your ible, click edit, edit it, and then (i think) publish it again. and by the way, i totally get how you made the bag, but it wasn't until i saw the last photo until it made sense. when you edit it, please put the pattern you used on, it would be real helpful. thnks


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I would love to see this broken out into steps! You just have to great a new step-by-step instructable, but you already have all the images uploaded to your library, so it will be easy to add those. If you have a pattern that you used to cut the shirt pieces out with, that would be a killer addition!

    well i dont think there is a truly easy way to do it but if you made a new step by step you could just copy and paste the text you want to keep and your pictures are still stored in the library. But i thnk that is as easy as it gets right now. The whole picture instructable is a new feature so i think eventualy they will make a way for it to be done with a few click of buttons once there is an obvious need for it. Another way to just improve this one you could make a list of the instructions and then number the pictures that corespond to the steps.. Good luck on this project an all of your future instructables

    There was an apholstry (sp) shop in town that filled it for me for *free* with bean bag styrofoam balls, we later switched to foam b/c it popped open...