How to Make an Emo GIR Action Figurine From the Cartoon Invader Zim W/ Video Time Lapse



I was making a Venom action figurine.. and i had some left over sculpey and i decided to make a GIR action figurine because i have a couple of friends who love that cartoon.. This would make a great desk decoration and a great valentine's gift or holiday gift for anyone who like GIR..

You can get a bit creative and make a cupcake.. cause you know GIR looooves cupcakes!!

i hope the pictures are self explanatory.. 

one thing i guess is missing in the pictures.. for the neck.. and legs.. i use a small piece of toothpick to strengthen the pieces.. the neck and antena needed it since is very skinny and sculpey alone would crack n break easy..  careful with the ears also.. make them thick


Step 1: How to Make a GIR Figurine Video

Hi guys since i didnt go further in how to make a GIR figurine in my pictures i made a video..

i apologize about the crappy angle this is my 1st video like this... it gets better on my other videos.. i will be posting videos in how to make an Elmo.. how to make an Oscar the grouch video.. i hope you guys like it

thanks... dont forget to comment on the instructable, the youtube video.. and to vote for me for the valentines contest, the shopbot contest, and the toy contest


Step 2: Bake It, Wrapped It.. Gifted .. Expect Your Other Friends to Want One

watch the ears.. i bended them... almost broke when baking it



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