How to Make a Stitched Cut




Introduction: How to Make a Stitched Cut

Hello! You know what this is about, no doubt, so read on and enjoy the steps and end result! I'm happy to answer any questions or take any advice.

The bruises and extra grime are optional, but help add to the over-all look. It's easy to make, has a relatively low cost, and would make a great addition to a Halloween zombie costume. (As opposed to the zombie costume you wear when you go out for lunch or to the zoo).

-Yellow, purple, brown, and black acrylic paint
-Fake blood
-f/x flesh gel
-A bowl of hot water
-A threaded needle
-A couple cotton balls
-A sharpened pencil

Step 1: Making the Base

-Follow the directions on the flesh gel bottle by placing the bottle in hot water so that it turns to liquid.

-Pour some of the gel onto the area you wish to work on. Use your fingers to form the type of line in the picture below before the gel dries.

- Cut a line through the middle of the gel with the tip of a pencil as it is starting to thicken.

Step 2: Adding the Blood

-Dip the tip of the pencil in the fake blood, and trace the line you just scraped out.

-Mix the paints together, and add mostly black. The finished color should look like dried blood.

- Dip the cotton ball into the paint and lightly dab it on your foot, mostly around the edges of the cut.

-Of course, if you like the way the open cut looks, you can always skip adding the stitches.

Step 3: Stitching

- Thread the needle, fool!

- Poke the end of the needle through one side of the gel, and gently pull it through to the other side. If you pull the needle too quickly the gel may break. This can be covered up, but if you want a cleaner (I use that word lightly) result, than this step may take a bit of time to complete.

- Keep threading! Go back and forth between each side of the cut util you have the entire area stitched up. To end the string, cut off the excess and tie a knot.

Step 4: Results

-If you want the foot to look dirtier, just dab more of the paint from the cotton ball around the area.

In the finished picture, the cut looks somewhat shiny, but it only appears that way because of my camera's flash. The actual finished product doesn't shine in such a wonderfully glossy manner.

Thanks for reading my instructable. I'm always open to answer any questions or read any advice!



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    28 Discussions

    I did this.and it was awesome my snicker licker of a sister cried!lol!

    I have a question. I don't have the gel, but I have some putty that is supposed to look like scar tissue. Will that work the same or do I need the gel?

    1 reply

    The only possible problem with putty is that it's easier to smear- the gel tends to last longer and allows for some flexibility.

    Can I add fake blood to the paint mixture? Because the paint doesnt look like dried bllod. Extremly good job tho.

    LOVE IT! And looks really easy.

     o i love that. nice great work

    even tho its shiny it makes it look like it has vaseline around it thats pretty awesome!!

    I should have seen this instructable earlier as I did this the painful way yesterday... Oh, yeah- butcher knifes hurt like HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

    7 replies

    What happened? I thought you meant you got stitches from the butcher knife in some way...

    Well, I thought it wouldn't hurt at first, but...I learned my lesson. At least it looked real.