How to Make a HADOURUM Water Drum Instrument




Introduction: How to Make a HADOURUM Water Drum Instrument

We are going to show you how to create a water drum as similar to the one in this youtube video.

Completed project shown below!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials you will need:

Two bowls

braided elastic

Tools you will need:
1/4 inch drill bit


Step 2: Creating the Shape of the Precussive Surface

Using a hammer and a hard surface, create divots and pockets in the bowl

Pictured here is a ballpeen hammer and anvil

Step 3: Mark and Drill Holes in Bowl Rim

Make drill holes in four places along the rim on both bowls as shown in the pictures

Step 4: The Finished Drilled Holes

the holes drilled out should look like this

Step 5: Attach Elastic to the Percussive Bowl

tie strips of cut elastic to each of the four holes on the percussive bowl

assemble as shown in the 2nd photo

Step 6: Thread the Other End of the Elastic Through the Holes on the Resevior Bowl and Adjust

try tapping the percussive surface and adjust the elastic to create the sound you want.

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