How to Make a H&K MP5K Out of Wood

I have always loved the rescue scene from the Matrix. So to build an H&K MP5K has been on the to-do-list for a while. However, this gun is more complicated than a western colt (see my other instructable on that one).
But now, I finally got around to make one enjoy.

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Step 1: Find a Good Picture and Make a Template

First you have to find a good side view picture on the internet. Then you search wikipedia, for the exact measurement (38 cm in this case).
Next, you print out the picture (on additional sheets) in 1:1 - so the gun on the resulting print is 38 cm long. Illustrator can be a great help, but if you don't have that, your average print program can probably tile and scale...
Once you have the print in the right scaling you glue it on some thick paper. (btw. if you make the gun for a kid, you might want to print it a bit smaller so the handle fits the hand).

Step 2: Draw All Pieces on Plywood

Use the template to draw up the guns shape on 18 mm plywood. Depending on the level of detail, you cut out some of the small bit from your print and draw them on 3 or 5 mm plywood as well. I drew the magazine as a separate piece so I wouldn't waste to much wood. You could either use this to make the magazine detouchable. In that case, you will have to make some kind of catch, so it won't  fall out by it self.
I decided to fix the magazine, because I wanted the gun to be robust enough for kids to play with, but I have made other guns with detouchable magazines and that works too.

Step 3: Cut Out the Pieses

For the cutting, I used both a handheld and a stationary jigsaw. For the handheld, I used some very thin blades that allows me to make more narrow turns. To be able to cut out the trigger guard and the trigger, you will have to drill some holes for the blade before you can start cutting. I left the trigger connected to the trigger guard for stability reason...

Step 4: Make the Front Handle

The front handle is the most tricky part. I made it out of a round piece of wood ø25mm. I used the stationary jigsaw to cut a number of grooves. Then I used a rasp to make the rough shaping before I sanded the handle into the final shape.

Step 5: Carve Out the Detailes

The MP5 has an interesting handle shape. I used a chisel to carve away one layer of the plywood to produce the special look. A bit of rasping and sanding gave it the finishing touch.

Step 6: Put It All Together

Once you have all the bits cut out, and sanded, you are ready to put it all together. I normally use glue and screws. To be give the front handle enough stability, I had to drill a hole through the whole handle and use a very long screw.

Step 7: Sanding and Paint

The only thing left now is painting and varnishing and you are set to go - have fun...



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    5 years ago on Step 6

    Don't worry about having the hole in the handle, they are usually hollow anyway.

    Well, it's really pretty much the same. You have to find a good image of the gun sideways. Then cut it out and add some detail on both sides... I am sure you can figure it out :-) – good luck. Hey and when you are done, let me see the result... :-)

    :-) Thanks! It's actually, that I am a weapons maniac, I guess I just like, how realities harsh demands peel away all nonsense from the design. Some weapon are just beautiful... Well fun to make anyway...