How to Make a Halberd

How to make a Halberd

broom handle/dowel
piece of metal large enough for making a halberd head
2 metal cylinders that fit around the dowel
4 Small screws

Tools: Welder
Chrome or silver spray paint (optional)

1.) If needed, cut the dowel rod
2.) Draw a halberd blade that is in a suitable proportion in size compared to the dowel rod onto the pre-selected metal(Be sure to have bands coming out to weld onto the metal cylinders).
3.) Cut out the halberd blade with the oxy
4.) Grind the halberd head so that it is flat on both sides and kind of smooth
5.) Weld the halberd head onto the 2 metal cylinders
6.) Carefully drill 2 holes into each cylinder, 1 on the front and 1 on back.
7.) Some may consider this cheating, but spray paint the halberd head so that it is shiny.
8.) Slide the 2 cylinders (that are connected to the halberd head) onto the dowel rod and screw on.

Now your done!

How to make it slightly better:

You will need:

2 10cm (on the width) cylinders that fit around the dowel rod (1 cylinder needs to have 1 end covered)

2 leather strips that fit around the dowel (the width needs to be big enough for you to hold onto)

1 metal spike (flat)

1 metal cone

The same tools as before

5 screws

Something to attach the leather to the wood e.g. glue

Soldering iron


9.) Weld the metal spike onto the top metal cylinder

10.) Weld the cone onto the top metal cylinder (like a spear)

11.) Screw the central cylinder onto the middle of the dowel (one screw on the top and the other screw on the bottom of the cylinders opposite side)

12.) Screw the bottom metal cylinder (the one with the cap) onto the bottom of the dowel rod. Screw 1 screw on the bottom cap, then the same as the other metal cylinder.

13.) Glue the leather on where you hold the halberd

14.) Use the soldering iron to make any paten you like

Steps 9-14 are all optional. For decorative purposes only. Please vote for me



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