How to Make a Handheld Laser Pointer




Introduction: How to Make a Handheld Laser Pointer

There are several different ways to make a hand held laser pointer. In this case we will be creating one out of a flashlight body.

Now these lasers can be very dangerous. I built one that is only 5mw and can not burn, but for about $5-$10 more you can easily find a module that can burn (I will include links to these).

Note: At about 100mw it is possible to light things on fire.

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway responsible for anything that happens during the process of this instructable and will take no responsibility for anything that might occur.

Step 1: The Parts

You will need a flashlight body, you can take a old broken flashlight. Minimags work well.

Red -

Green -


Red -

Green -

Blue -


Red -

Green -

Blue -


Red -

Green -

Blue -


Red -

Green -

Blue -

Step 2:

Next step will be to attach the positive end of the battery to the red wire (positive) like so

(ignore the circular metal object around the diode thats just part if my flashlight body)

Step 3:

Attach black wire (negitive) to the bronze tab inside of the flashlight body (your flashlight body might be a little bit different but this is what most flashlights look like.

Step 4:

Insert the taped battery (and any other batteries necessary). Put diode into the cap on the front of the flashlight (you make need to make adjustments on the front itself)

Step 5:

Screw the cap on and you're done! Hopefully yours work'd as well as mine did.



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    12 Discussions

    yep, that ed be cool.............

    (If you want it to burn paper)

    I have a 10 mw red laser and im not sure what batterys to use. I might just use a torch to hold it all. (I dont care if it burns or not)

    Well I used some electrical tape but that doesn't always stay put so you could just solder it on, which would be very easy to do

    hey quick question whats the "mw" stand for