How to Make a Hazardous Material Canister!

Introduction: How to Make a Hazardous Material Canister!

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Some Sci-Fi Ratioactive Prop is awesome! I love it!

Link to the Radioactive!

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    8 Discussions

    does it work? i got some real americium and i need a place to put it D:

    do you mind telling me how you did the text in the test film

    if you put some finely minced tin foil it will give it a awsome glow but cool video

    Love the opening!!!

    also, verry nice canister, I think I migt try a 'biohazzard' one...

    Cool Idea... Maybe i should build few like that and bring to police station "Hey... I found them lay around at street"

    How about a video on how to use cool effects in videos, so we can make our own?

    Cute. :-) Now, to make it look right, put an LED throwie in the bottom to make it 'glow.'