How to Make a Hexahedron Platonic Solid (Cube) or an Six Sided D&D Die (dice)

Introduction: How to Make a Hexahedron Platonic Solid (Cube) or an Six Sided D&D Die (dice)

Second in the Platonic Solids Instructables series.

This instructable will show you the pattern for making an Hexahedron or D6 out of cardstock. Quick and easy this should take about 10-15 minutes.

Since we made our D4 at 8mm we will make our D6 at 6mm. This should be a rough aproximation of the scale you would see D&D dice.

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Step 1: Materials:

Here is what you will need:

Cardstock or thick paper
Butter Knife

Nail Polish Remover: Just incase you accidentally superglue your fingers.

Step 2: Make Your Square Template

1. Turn the paper in a Landscape position.

2. Measure and mark 6mm from the left side and 6mm on the top and bottom of the paper.

3.Connect the marks at top and bottom lightly.

4.Using the ruler measure 6mm on the left hand side and on the line you just drew.

5.Connect the marks at right and left lightly.

6.Double check the measurements and make sure all 4 sides are exactly 6mm.

7.Carefully cut the square out.

Step 3: Making the Body of the Solid.

8.Flip the paper over.

9.Using the cut out square as a template draw three squares on top of one another.

10.From the middle square add three more squares on the right. It should look like a capital T. (Teen Titans, GO!)

Step 4: Cut and Score

11. Cut out the T.

12. Score the lines on the T.

13.Hold a ruler over the scored lines and gently lift the corner, this will allow a nice crisp bend in the paper.

Step 5: Fasten the Sides.

14.Cut a small rectangular scrap from the cardstock to make a tab to secure the sides together.

15.Bend the tab in the middle and apply a small bit of superglue to the tab.

16.Apply the tab wait a few seconds and then bend and glue the corresponding side up to the tab.

17.Apply at least one tab to each side and glue.

Step 6: Paint

18. Paint, I used red for mine.

Now we have a D4 and a D6.

The D8 is next!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    you could do this with masking tape and just paint on the masking tape. i ran put of superglue.